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The B2B market for PCR testing

Connecting Labs + Providers. £2.4 million for good causes.

Testing at Scale

More Labs. More providers.
Better Covid Testing

- For Clinicians -

Our PCR marketplace helps PCR test providers buy PCR testing from the UK's

largest genetics & genomics Labs.


With access to almost all leading Labs, TestRAMP helps negotiate a fair market price.

- For Labs -

We enable Labs  to connect with and sell to Clinicians and Healthcare Institutions. 



TestRAMP helps Labs sell capacity to each other to manage surge demand. See Labsure for more.

100% Commercial

In 2020 we created the world's first PCR capacity marketplace. We connect life science companies for better Covid testing. TestRAMP has been used by most leading UK Labs & many Service Providers. We charge buyers & sellers. 

100% Philanthropic

All our £2.4 million fee income, after costs & taxes, is for helping good causes. We've already donated £1.45 million to charities such as Alzheimer's Society, ZSL and Pilgrims Hospices - see here. We exist to help good causes & improve Covid-19 testing.

As of 2022, post pandemic, TestRAMP is retired. For more details see the Mike Hudson Foundation 

TestRAMP did more than anyone else to connect up diagnostic labs & resellers to create a functional marketplace.

- Nick Bills, Healthcare Director, Source Bioscience – leading UK innovator in diagnostics, pathology, genomics & precision medicine

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