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Genomic Testing Marketplace

Screening, Early Detection & Theranostic Testing

Genomic Sequencing

Innovative Tests 
Leading Labs

- For Clinicians -

We help Clinicians evaluate & buy innovative testing from the world's leading genomics Labs.


With access to almost all leading Labs, TestRAMP negotiates fair pricing for genomic tests.

- For Labs -

We help Labs  partner with & sell to Clinicians and Healthcare Institutions. 



TestRAMP helps Labs commercialise new tests & organise trials.

100% Commercial

As the world's first B2B PCR marketplace, we connected life science companies for better Covid testing. Now we're doing the same to help scale genomic testing of other diseases to provide wider, faster access to better testing.  

100% Philanthropic

We're not-for-profit; our fees are for charity, £2.4 million so far, less costs & taxes. We exist to improve medical testing and support good causes, including Alzheimer's Society, ZSL and Pilgrims Hospices - see here. 

TestRAMP is a collaboration with the Mike Hudson Foundation 

TestRAMP did more than anyone else to connect up diagnostic labs & resellers to create a functional marketplace.

- Nick Bills, Healthcare Director, Source Bioscience – leading UK innovator in diagnostics, pathology, genomics & precision medicine

Wider access, better testing

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